[ March 23, 2020 ]

COVID-19 Notice:
Until more is known, We will be continuing to operate through the Covid-10 Pandemic to the best of ability, will only do so 100% remotely unless deemed by relevant authorities safe to resume any non-remote work and while maintaining WHO and CDC guidelines to the best of our abilities, and we encourage you in same.

This said, there may be times, in the best of circumstances in these times, when projects may need to be given priority over others for the greatest community continuity and public safety.

Wishing all continued health and safety. Further notice may be forthcoming. Any clients with questions of what this may mean for their company or organization are encouraged to reach out at the email above, or by phone.

With Gratitude and Best wishes to our vendors and customers.

- Thank You, and as always, stay safe and healthy! -- Chad Klapes at Doorhinge Design Webcrafting.

[ May 26, 2020 ]

Covid 19 Posture and Response Update May 26, 2020:
Right action has seemed a moving target in ways at different stages of the stay-at-home/quarantine period of the covid-19 'great pause'. Now that there are first moves to 're-open' the economy in Massachusettes and more widely, Doorhinge Design Webcrafting is also looking at how and if to safely and beneficially begin to re-engage in various ways during this phase and beyond.

During the coming months, Doorhinge Design Webcrafting will continue its policy of no in-person collaborative work or planning or strategizing meetings with clients, work associates, or work collaborators.

Out of an abundance of caution, we will continue this policy throughout the summer of 2019. To the best of our ability, we in addition will encourage clients, work associates, and collaborators to follow where possible our lead in continuing to minimize physical in-person social interactions to a level meeting or exceding community and governmental standards.

At current, we're looking at a policy modeled after a stategy believed to originate out of Isreal looking at a 4 days out 10 days in approach. Without wider adoption we acknowledge this to be an incomplete solution, but something. What this will mean in practice during this phase is giving our associates and collaborators the flexibility of expectation to allow them to do the same.

For our clients, what this will mean is that these will be the new parameters underwhich we are able to provide service and deliverables. In many but not all cases, since the majority of our work is accomplishable in the virtual and online work-space, it will mean the likelihood of not seeing us in person face to face until fall of 2019, but otherwise not significantly change our capacity for on time quality delivery except for the adjustment of deliverable timelines in some circumstances.

Where necessary, direct and indirect materials, including hardware and storage media coming in or out of the Doorhinge Design premises will undergo a 3 day physical quarantine. This policy may be changed or modified depending on relevant data obtained during this summer phase. Deliverable timelines reliant on such will need to be adjusted to accomodate.

During this phase, we will be looking at policy and procedure adjustments additionally to move forward in best practice in light of insights gained through the Covid-19 pandemic, with an eye toward increasing resilience and harm minimizations going forward.

Additionally, it is likely that physical meetings outside of a given perimeter may be discontinued beyond the summer. And this perimeter may change as more information and/or mitigating technologies and methodologies either do or do not become available and/or with changes in practice mandated by local state and extra-state governance. What perimeter will make sense and be best is currently under consideration. Where necessary or best, we will work with existing customers outside of this perimeter to obtain for them more local to themselves replacement services. Remote work will continue to be offered regardless.

We anticipate that this may remain a fluid business environment in the wake of the 'great pause' but look forward to increasing both our flexibility and effectiveness througout, through measurment, refactoring of practice, and best innovations.

Questions and Input from our collaborators, clients, and associates are both welcomed and encouraged.

With hopefullness and best wishes for us all for a happier, healthier and more resilient future,

Thank you for your patronage -

Chad Klapes
Doorhinge Design Webcrafting
May 26, 2020
413 429 1809